In a world where Angels can become corrupt, where Shinigami come for the living and demons are not always can one determine right from wrong? Ceil with the help of Sebastain (wanting to or not) must figure out who is the cause of the problem.
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 Max Jaegar

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PostSubject: Max Jaegar   Max Jaegar Icon_minitimeTue Dec 27, 2011 10:35 pm

General Information:
Name: Mortis Draco (meaning Death Dragon).
Alias: Max Jaegar (meaning The greatest hunter).
Visual Age: 20.
Demon Realm: 500.
Gender: Male.
Race: Demon.
Current Residence: London, England.
Occupation: Assassin.
Contracted: Yes. Contracted by Eric Adams.

History: Mortis was born a year before Irrita, and is often times considered to be his 'brother'. They do not share the same blood, nor do they share the same family name. Mortis is considered to be Irrita's brother simply because, like Irrita, Mortis is an outcast even among the demons. He also gained quite a nasty reputation among the demons because of his massive numbers of soul collections. Mortis has collected over 1,000 souls in the 500 years that he has lived. 100 of those souls were souls of 'angels'.

The story of how he came into the human world isn't as full of crap as most demon's stories are. He came into the human world when a man by the name of Eric summoned him, asking for a demon to become his partner, his assisstant and his 'friend'. Mortis was the demon to answer that call. He came into the human world and offered Eric the contract. Once the contract was formed, he took on the name of Max Jeagar. Max has been with Eric in the human world for four years now, and has followed Eric from his home in New York City in America to his new home in London, England.

Together, Max and Eric have become quite the talk among the gangs of London. They've managed to gain the title of the most violent and sruel assassins in all of London. The duo have grown quite handy in their work and have even gained a place in the daily news as the "Evil Eye Murderers". They use their contract as their calling card, making sure to carve the design into each of their vitim's bodies before they vanish into the night and walk around town as if nothing could ever touch them.

Visual Image:
Max Jaegar 8648render167-1

Hair: Black.
Eyes: Golden yellow.
Height: 6' 2''
Extras: He has but one tattoo, and that is the mark of his contract with Eric. His contract is loacated on his left wrist. He dresses in British Punk garb (usually simply called Punk).

Alter form
Visual Image:
Max Jaegar DW4__Shed_Demon_Prince_by_srulik24

Eyes: Golden yellow.
Hair: Black.
Height: 9' 0''
Extras: None.

Max Jaegar Dagger

• Enhanced speed.
• Enchanced Strength
• Enhanced endurance: strong durability;
• Quick Healing ( Wound that would never heal/ aka a missing arm leg will repair itself in a few days)
• Enhanced sense of smell.
•Enhanced sense of hearing.
•Transformation: Form-switch into animals or either copy the appearence and voice of other humans.
• Soul staining: It is not known precisely how this works or what it entails, but Grell states that a demon's hands and lips have the ability to stain a soul.
• Element control: Fire.
• Manipulation: mind control or "Sweet-talk" into gathering information or persuading to do onto the demon's liking, not effective against shinigami.
• Body Manipulation: can manipulate the body of someone to act according to their wish.

Original Abilities:
• Fireball/Flamethrower: This is your basic fire attack. The user can either form a fireball of any size and shoot it at their target or they can shoot flames out of their mouth or hands (Please note: These two attacks are in one because they both require the same skill level and both can be fired out of either the user's hands or their mouth).
• Flame wall: This is a defensive move but can be used for an offensive move. The user uses their fire control to form a large wall of flames.
• Dragon Burst: This attack is one in which requires the user to inhale a lot of air before exhaling multiple large bursts of flaming molten lava.
• Fire storm: This is a massive attack, therefore it is a last resort attack. The user creates a massive storm (i.e. Tornadoes and rain) of fire.

Sign of Contract:
Max Jaegar Pbucket

Spell: "Tear them to pieces."

Personality: Mortis, or Max as he's know in the human world, is a rather dark being. He's silent unless he's talking with Eric and has a crude, dark sense of humor. He's usually distant looking and often times just wanders off by himself. But get him angry and he's a whole other person. When he's angry, he's violent and will often shout profanities at his opponent or the one he's made at.

Relationship with Contracted Master: Him and Eric are what humans call 'friends.'
Interaction with Others: He doesn't really interact with others.
Weakness's: Water.
Hobbies: Assassinating people.

Favorite saying: None.
Theme Song: Swallow.
Artist: Korn.
Fuck yes.

Always I'm locked in my head.
No pain? You don't know what I have had.
By now, I'm so for sure.
Right now, I am yours.

My sorrow, I swallow
Follow me? Oh, hell no.

It came unknown to me.
Paranoid, it's controlling all of me.
Somehow, terror so pure.
Right now, Shit, I'm yours.

My sorrow, I swallow.
Follow me all? Oh, hell no.

Wasn't me, I swallow.
Forgive me, I don't know.

Oh, hell no.
Oh, hell no.
Oh, hell no.

This thing I follow.
The place I'm too scared to fuckin' go.
A freak, that I'm sure.
A freak, that is yours.

My sorrow, I swallow.
Follow me all? Oh, hell no.

Wasn't me, I swallow.
Forgive me, I don't know.

I swallow.
I swallow.

Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.
Punk ass sissy, I'm a freak.

Rp Sample: Sarubia chuckled lowly and shook his head. "Even though you say that, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. Just keep your head up and stay focused on the things that are impotrant to matter what."

Mu looked at Kuri and couldn't help but smile...though his smile seemed a bit forced since he hadn't really smiled at all. "You don't have to worry about wanting to protect me because I will be the one protecting you. I'm the one who is always on the front line...I've always secretly been protecting you since you were very young....and I won't ever stop proteting you...I put your life and your safety before my own, and I am not afraid to keep on going, no matter how much my body does not," he said and looked at Sarubia. "That will, that strength comes from what I was taught as a young vampire by your brother. He found me when I was at my weakest and made me stronger, made me able to fight, to stand up for myself because nobody else was going to do it. Sarubia made me a fighter, and he taught me how to survive. I hope he can teach you the same values that he taught me growing up...they really come in handy," he said lowly.

Sarubia sighed and poked Mu in the forehead. "Don't tell me you're going soft now Crusher. I spent so many years with you and now you sound like you turned into Aoi Rei," he said lowly and watched as Mu frowned. He laughed and patted Mu on the head. "Being like Aoi isn't so bad...he's actually a pretty good long as you don't piss him off..." he said lowly, thinking about his past and how he had nearly lost a few body parts from tiem to time by being snarky and trying to touch things that were not his to touch.
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