In a world where Angels can become corrupt, where Shinigami come for the living and demons are not always can one determine right from wrong? Ceil with the help of Sebastain (wanting to or not) must figure out who is the cause of the problem.
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 General site rules

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General site rules Empty
PostSubject: General site rules   General site rules Icon_minitimeThu Dec 08, 2011 12:27 am

As you walk into the grand hall of the estate, you can't help but look around before being shown to the sitting room. The grand design of the room breathtaking, to your right you can't help but notice Sebastian Michaelis and Cecilia Vangrad both holding something for you, Sebastian a cup of fine Earl Grey from Flossom and Burks, while Cecilia is holding out documents. With a smile and look that says clear. 'Must Read First.'

These rules are to be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in everything from a warning to a suspension up to and including a ban from the site altogether. Please keep in mind that if you are baned you loose your character and it goes up to bid. If your character is an OC (Original Character) It will have the misfortune of dying off and going into a retired file. I have not created such a file as of yet please do not make me do so. If it is a canon character it will dissappear and go on a journey to return when another player tries for it and keep in mind I am up to date on the avalible canon's always.

These rules can and will be updated as needed at any time. They can change without warning. These messages apply to everyone from visitors to members so please don't think I'm picking on just one or two people.

• Racist Comments/Flaming
• Homophobic Comments/Flaming
• Advertising without permission

**Racist and Homophobic jokes are not enouraged.

Other Forum Rules
•Exceptions can be made to certain rules in the apps IF and Admin gives permission first.
• Use common sense and be nice to each other.
•Please post in ENGLISH
•No flame wars/flaming. Mod bashing is also consindered flaming.
•There is no restriction on sweraring however the one word that will not be tolerated is F***k.. I will not have that word dropped nearly every post or every other. Use of it will ensue a warning. ((Unless your my co-gm who seems to enjoy using the word O.o))
•No posting real life porn/real life porn site links.
• Try not to double post, There is an edit button. It's labeled Editer.
•Threads close after 1000 posts OR if the story arch is finished. No cutting it off mid stream just because it's sixteen pages. If it's done it's done.. Mods/Admin will lock the thread that reaches this limit and you may start another one. Label it with the same start and a continued or Vr2 etc.
•Do not use giant gifs in your signature's.
•Keep threads on topic There will be an occ board for all off topic conversations or pm each other.
•Don't make spam posts and try to contribute something more then an lol or a one liner to a conversation.
•No duplicate accounts.
•Please do not post hardcore yaoi/yuri/hentai materials without spoiler tags and warnings. Keep these things in the appropriate sections and labeled with a warning.
•Don't encourage trolls.
• If you don't agree with something a mod or admin does do NOT confront them publically pm them and/or send it to the admin to sort it out. Even if it is me, do understand that I may not have understood what you were trying to do correctly and a lot of the time it can be sorted out.
•No name changes, choose wisely.
•Keep RP threads in Rp areas only.
• at the moment there is not a adult/18 and over section, however all topics that may inovlve adult content must be properly labeled, and if members under the age of 18 begin singing up there will be a section made, when that times comes if anyone under the age of eighteen is caught in the adult section they will be banned if they offend more then once.
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General site rules
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