In a world where Angels can become corrupt, where Shinigami come for the living and demons are not always can one determine right from wrong? Ceil with the help of Sebastain (wanting to or not) must figure out who is the cause of the problem.
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 Cecilia Vangard

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PostSubject: Cecilia Vangard   Cecilia Vangard Icon_minitimeThu Dec 15, 2011 1:11 am

General Information:
Name: Unknown
Alias: Cecilia Vangard (The way for the Blind advanced guard)
Visual Age: Appears to be in her early twenties
Demon Realm: Unknown she was drifting searching when she found Keyon.
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Current Residence: Kingsland Estate London England
Occupation: Housekeeper (Female Butler)
Contracted: yes/no- If yes by whom, Keyon Kingsland

History: She was drifting through the Realm searching sheerly out of boredum to live such a long life and nothing to interupt it. She didn't want one of the messily gained Souls. Filthy not much to it. Nothing worth having not really when she heard it. Something pure and desperate to live. Something willingly reaching into the darkness in order to gain life. Something....delicous. She drifted closer nothing more then a shadow a wafting figure one could almost say a black butterfly formed in the other Realm when she paused to look at the boy. Strapped down brutilized and wanting to win.

She reached out to him nudged him, he had summoned her this child this pure soul tugging at the strings to the shadows. And when she nudged he grabbed ahold with everything he had it amused her to no end. This one, she would form a contract, a game with him. No doubt he would die one day that was for sure to so recklessly play games with his own life like this and he took it. Agreed to it. And she formed the contract on such a greedy pure innocent child. And then began her life as a Housekeeper now his vast Estate.

In the beginning it had been rough, the child obnixous not wanting to learn what she had to teach him, everything from proper english, to french and even Latin. He had to know if he was to take his place in high society. How to ride horses properly and hunt. All of this at such a young age but if he was going to be worth having she had to do it right. And it was no picnic on her end either. For he wanted food that tasted and looked good, he wanted the high society standards that he grew up with and scolded her every time she made a mistake until she had prefected the art. Now years later she still serves him finding it fun and entertaining as she takes care of the vast Estate.

So far there is no further help in the estate. Everything is done by her not that it is a problem in the least. She is quiet capable. From making breakfast tending the linens midmorning snacks and tea then lunch cleaning the estate and tending the gardens and preparing dinner. She manages to get all of this done as well as chasing down anything vermin that slips between the cracks of English society and has the Queen call on him to handle it.


Visual Image: (Human form) Cecilia Vangard F6318510

Hair: Long below her lower back snow white hair.
Eyes: Red eyes
Height: 5'9"
Extras: Her fingernails are solid white, and on the back of her left hand is the contract.
Style of human clothing.She wears a personalized maids uniform. The jacket is white wiht blue trim the shoulders cut out so that it falls down about mid bicep. A deep burgundy bow at the front. A dark blue skirt long wiht white trim and a navy blue skirt beneath that slightly longer with white trim. Long black stockings and dark blue heels.

Alter form:
Visual Image: Cecilia Vangard 5f85e110

Eyes; Silvery blue
Hair: Short around the face golden white and long in the back.
Height: 5'9"
Extras: She has the contract on the back of her left hand and white claw like nails. Fangs and a tail although that is usually hidden. Ontop of her head are a set of cat ears instead of human ears.

Fine China
Silverware (Gold or silver she's not particular)
Anything she can get her hands on really.

• Enhanced speed.
• Enchanced Strength
• Enhanced endurance: strong durability;
• Quick Healing ( Wound that would never heal/ aka a missing arm leg will repair itself in a few days)
• Enhanced sense of smell.
•Enhanced sense of hearing.•Transformation: form-switch into animals or either copy the appearence and voice of other humans;
•Soul staining: It is not known precisely how this works or what it entails, but Grell states that a demon's hands and lips have the ability to stain a soul.
•Elements control: such as fire, water, ground, wind, plants.
• Manipulation: mind control or "Sweet-talk" into gathering information or persuading to do onto the demon's liking, not effective against shinigami.
•Body Manipulation: can manipulate the body of someone to act according to their wish.

Unique to Cecilia:
Event Manipulation: Cecilia can minuplate and change events in a small window of time. Her limit is within the last five minutes while it's not much it allows her to change small things and perhaps the outcome of something that as far as she's concerned wrong.

Tongues: Cecilia is gifted with the ability to speak in all tongues, be that any human language as well as any animal allowing her to ask them to do something for her or find out something they know.

Telekenisis: She is able to move things with her mind alone be that lifting an object to shoving something away.

Sign of Contract:
Visual Image/Description (if contracted this must be here.) Cecilia Vangard Cecili10

Spell: No actual spell. He can call her to him by either saying her name. Or one word. 'Checkmate' Which is the when the game with whoever he's after ends.

Personality: Cool calm and endearing when she wants to be, dark and charming when she needs to be. Cecilia can improvise in most situations. She has a good sense of humor and likes having fun most of the time. She has a purity to her that is unique., and A curiosty to match. She has quiet the imagination always wondering and playing and pondering enjoying games and different things that come to pass. Cecilia is a bit of an eccentric demon, not overly interested in where her next meal will come from she's more interested in which game she can play how entertaining it will be and who she can play with. , She can be noisy for sure but as noisy as she can be she can be just as quiet and thoughtful

Relationship with Contracted Master:
Interaction with Others: Cecilia has a servant master relationship tending to treat him as if he was more of her son taking care of him then anything else. She holds the same position the butler of the house would only in the woman’s role.

Weakness's: Cats and Keyon

Hobbies: Teasing Keyon, tending to the estate, and reading.

Extras: ((Not required but you can include)
Favorite saying: The game is not over yet. It won't be....not until my master calls.....Checkmate until's your move.
Theme Song:
Title: The Game
Artist: Drowing Pool
Time to play the game (x3)

Its all about the game you fall like the rest, your failure is my success
It's all about control, will you make it? I will deliver the pain you
can't take it
I'm in control, I am the pain, after this you won't be the same
This is my time I make the rules you mess with this and you die like a fool.

here comes the pain (x4)

time to play the game

I am the debt that can't be paid, your going down in flames
This the time I cannot lose Live or die you'll have to choose
It's all about me I am the one, soon you'll see there's nowhere to run
I am the threat that is so real through the blood and the sweat and pain you will feel.


nowhere to run nowhere to hide, now it's time to die
I am the pain I am the game you won't forget my name

Time to feel the pain (x3)

Time to play the game (x4)


Rp Sample. Mandatory:
She sighed as she walked into her young masters bedroom with the cart after knocking once or twice. “Young master it’s time to get up.” Cecilia said as she walked into the room and opened the curtains. She glanced back over her shoulder. “This mornings tea is Lady Grey from Flossom and Burles. For breakfast we have Eggs Benedict, served with toast or a croissant.” She said as he moved and sat up looking at her annoyed the seal of the contract visible on his chest above his heart. He took the offered tea and sighed as she began to serve him breakfast. Then held out a white envelope with a red wax seal, the markings clearly showing the Queen’s symbol. She watched as he read it and a frown rippled across his features. “Shall I clear your schedule for today Young Master.” She watched as he nodded. "Very well." She said bowing slightly and moving to leave the room.

"Cecilia.....found out what you can about the deaths around the park....and report back to me." Keyon said and she turned. Hand over her chest as she bowed.

"Yes my lord." Cecilia said in a soft tone before leaving the room boy did he like to keep her busy she still had the estate to clean too....

She could not help but mentally sigh he was in a fool mood again today. He could be such a brat and this new outfit was not something she would have thought of for a made but that was teen hormones for you. She would tolerate it for as long as possible seasoning his soul was a delicate process she could not risk breaking him and so far she had done a wonderful job. Dinner would take awhile although when she finally get to eat dinner was beyond her not that she minded at all. She paused as she looked at the desert she was currently making for Keyon as she tipped her head. “Preparing a proper dinner surely takes the right amount of time….and spices.” She said lowly to herself lost in thought as she moved about the kitchen. Although things were getting more and more interesting as the players in the game kept increasing but at the same token soo too was keeping her dinner from becoming another demon's prey. "My how you do like to complicate things my lord." She mused playfully as she put the desert into the oven playing at being the good demon housekeeper. It was interesting to say the least playing this game even if it was a short break from the endless mundane life she had lead until now. Between his private games making desert and playing the queen's games it was never ending entertainment at the moment and in truth she wasn't in any hurry to have this game be over. She was rather enjoying it with him.
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Cecilia Vangard
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